The setting: A beautiful stage set in the OK Corral.

There's trouble in them thar hills as the Wild West Saloon prepares for the party of a lifetime.

Starting with a Whisky/Beer Tasting and then on to some classic Western Style Games. In teams your company personnel compete against each other to find out who gets the coveted ‘Hole in the Wall Gang’ trophy.

Showtime at the Saloon starts after coffee. Your host Ricky Rawhide takes your company personnel through a spectacular hour of amusing games, from ‘Bite my Breeches’ to ‘Campfire Kareoke’.

Great fun to take part in, hilarious to watch!

Then it’s the infamous Line Dance Challenge led by one of Britain’s top line dance callers.

And long after the sun has set - our western award ceremony for the winning posse.



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