"ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! A major, major success! Perfectly judged, timed and executed - not a dry eye in the house! As you know my main consideration prior to the event was that the tone and content should be appropriate for such a senior ranking audience - no problems in this department! Your experience and professionalism ensured that everyone would be happy."
NCR Corporation

"Many thanks for providing us with such great entertainment. It was a huge success and all our guests have told us that they had a truly 'brilliant' time."

"The event was an unqualified success and exceeded all our expectations. Brilliant is the only way to describe the occasion."
British Telecom














It looked like any other pre-dinner drinks party.  The conference had been a huge success, the delegates were on a high, but there was something missing.  Just at that moment in walked a TV Floor Manager and announced that all the guests had been chosen to participate in the brilliant new gameshow "Give it a Whirl!".  The guests were amazed when they realised he knew their deadly secrets, "This is going to be no ordinary dinner," said the Boss's PA as she wiped a tear of laughter from her eye.

Everyone entered the dining room which had miraculously been transformed into a glittering TV Studio, "This can't be the same room our conference was held in two hours ago, can it?" said the astonished Sales Director.  With the guests now at their tables and in their teams, the Floor Manager left them to enjoy their dinner with the Wheel of Destiny gently spinning in the background.

With dinner over, the Floor Manager returned and announced that their gameshow host, the one and only Dickie Dazzler, was hovering overhead in the "Give it a Whirl" chopper.  With the Superstar's imminent appearance the guests were now in a frenzy of anticipation.


The doors flew open and .... DICKIE DAZZLER had arrived - a vision in sequins! He amazed them all with his hysterically funny opening routine about the day he'd spent at their office and yes, already the world seemed a better place.  Before anyone had time to draw breath - in came Dickie's voluptuous Hostess, now here was a lady who really knew how to score.

Having met the Team Captains - were those biogs for real? The time had come to "Give it a Whirl!"

"Barrymore meets Vic & Bob" in this pacy, exciting 90 minutes of Madness and Mayhem with hilarious games, challenges and tacky prizes.  Who will be the winning team? Who cares! Because with Dickie Dazzler's new gameshow...everyone's a winner.

This superb team building entertainment can take place after dinner or as part of your daytime activities.  So go on ... "GIVE IT A WHIRL!"  Gameshows don't come any better than this.






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