"I have lost count of the number of people who have asked me how on earth I found you and everyone who attended the party is singing your praises to the roof! I wasn't prepared for how it would feel, and it felt great."

"It was a great surprise! The evening was excellent and compliments to the team for the excellent way that you handled your cleverly crafted script"
Transworld Publishing

"We had a superb night, the evening would not have been a success without your professionalism and attention to detail."
Lucent Technologies












Top secret and personally written.

This highly popular event is perfect for those special occasions, full of in-depth research on the alternative life and times of the chosen person.  Humourous gossip about "the subject" and many members of the audience make this event both entertaining and intriguing.

Those old photographs you thought lost in the attic are displayed for all to see, old 'acquaintances' turn up to tell the world about the real person behind the public mask, all rounded off with a celebration song from an icon of the past! Guaranteed to be the surprise of a lifetime.

Birthdays, anniversaries, retirements or leaving parties will never be the same again.  An exciting, amusing and affectionate tribute that involved everyone.

Live comedy performances by actors and surprise visual presentations make this a night to remember.  Ultimately you're the best because....."This is Almost Your Life!"


It's the Annual Company Awards Ceremony or at least that's what the first award winner thinks until the presenter reveals his true identity and announces... "It's A Company Life!"

What follows is an amusing look back at some of the staff and departments who've helped make your company what it is today.  Key personnel are reunited with nightmare clients, reputations are 'enhanced' on the front covers of the tabloid press and we hear what 'really' goes in in the office from some very special 'surprise guests'.

"It's A Company Life!" is a BRILLIANT way of reflecting on your company's success in a unique, amusing and informative way.






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