There are only Shopping Days Remaining Until Christmas!!

It may seem a long way off but to have the pick of the bunch for this year’s Christmas Party it pays to get in early!

The Brilliant Corporate Entertainment Company has a vast spectrum of unique and innovative concepts to give your Christmas Party that X-factor!

We have a myriad of original and innovative theme ideas or we can turn your own concept from a dream to a reality.

Flexibility is the key - we can manage the entire event or supply Brilliant Entertainment to enhance an existing event.

Brilliant Ideas
Brilliant Decoration and Theming
Brilliant Venues
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Brilliant Entertainment

‘I can honestly say that I have never been to an office party that was such a success - and believe me, I’ve been to a few!’
Cyrk Simon Worldwide

‘Thank you for the best party Powermarque ever had’

‘The best Christmas do I have ever been to - I didn’t want it to end’
Pharmacia & Upjohn

‘Thank you for a fantastic night! The venue was great and the attention to detail was amazing. People are already talking about next year’s party’
Two Way TV


Murder Mystery
It was an open and shut case!

We have lift off! This is a vision of the future.

Midas Touch Casino
This is your chance to blow vast sums of company money and make yourself a paper tycoon.

Out Of Africa
The Sun sets over the Serengeti

Horror – It's a Scream
Tombstones and recently vacated coffins, instruments of torture and the presence of the not quite dead

Go Wild in the West
Well Howdie Folks, y’all are invited to gen-u-ine Wild West Shindig. Second verse, same as the first and dosey doe your partner!

Medieval Mayhem
Travel back to the turbulent Tudor times and enjoy entertainment fit for His Royal Highness King Henry VIII himself.

Eastern Affair
Experience the mystery of the Far East and the exotic splendour of the Forbidden City.

Gangsters, Molls And All That Jazz!

Pack up your Troubles in your old kit bag and smile!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Reunion!

Flower Power Party

Flares, Platforms, Afros and Blue Eyeshadow!

Rah Rah Skirts and New Romantics!

Bodies in the Bahamas
Caribbean Carnival

Her Name was Rio!
A Mardi Gras to Remember!

James Bond

60’s Austin Powers Party

Hollywood/ Black and White Movies

Walk Like an Egyptian
Dine in the shadow of the Sphinx.

Circus Carnival
Roll Up! Roll Up! Jugglers, unicyclists, stilt walkers, trapeze and much more.

- and many more!