"A first class evening. It was hilarity of the highest quality, encouraging a wonderful spirit of enthusiasm. A night to remember!"
McCann Healthcare

"Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were amazed at how well informed about Data Networks and it's employees you were and how you used the information you had in a remarkable and funny script. We would not have any hesitations in recommending your organisation to others."








This entertaining event is challenging and invigorating with strong emphasis on team building and delegation skills.

THE LOCATION: 'M's' hideaway.  All company agents are called to the highly secret Operations Room at Mission Control.

THE OBJECTIVE: Your choice! It could be for the entertainment factor alone or as a tool to re-emphasise the message of your training and conference programmes.

THE MISSION: To find the top espionage unit in your company.  Your personnel are given spycases containing polaroid cameras, dictation machines, magnifying glasses etc.  They are given testing assignments that require sharp intelligence and articulation skills combined with both mental and physical agility.

THE SECRET WEAPON: A pre-event briefing meeting is held with senior management and a personalised script written.  The evening is then interspersed with hilarious snippets of information about the guests and the company performed by actors posing as espionage agents.  Just to keep everyone on their toes all the assignments are related to the company and company personnel!

Can your company take up the challenge and complete....MISSION POSSIBLE?

A lot of laughs with a serious message.





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