"An outstanding success and memorable occasion! The scripting was a masterpiece and the performance on the night a complete art, it kept everyone involved and laughing from start to finish. Without doubt it helped us to strengthen existing relationships. A job exceptionally well done."
Glaxo Welcome

"An event with a difference, hugely entertaining. I am in the enviable position of being recognised as someone who organised an extraordinarily successful client evening and enhanced Morgan Stanley's reputation."
Morgan Stanley Trust

"We had a TERRIFIC time! It's such a pity I was dead by Eight! I'm sure we'll see you again before too long. I laughed till I died& Please send keys to handcuffs! "
Senior Vice President - American Express

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It was an open and shut case.  The best clients, the best performers, the best writers, and years of experience in the corporate field.  The amount of time and research that goes into every individually written script is unsurpassed in the field of Murder Mysteries.  Something this good has to be unique to your Company and with our insider information, everyone is involved...It can't fail.

After an initial meeting to uncover your gossip, intrigue and foibles, we turn even the smallest amount of information into a COMEDY CLASSIC.  After that, your life is in our hands!

On the night, actors mingle with the guests in cocktails, faces you know but can't quite place.  How do they know so much about us?

Suddenly, a passionate outburst! A DEATH! Thank heavens the Detective has dropped his disguise! But are you a suspect? Is anyone safe? Into dinner and you're on a hilarious roller coaster of accusations and insinuations.  Through our inspired plots, the revelations pile up.  No one can outwit the Detective, he knows things about you even your best friend wouldn't reveal...until now!  So go on, come clean, you've always wanted to see your Boss MURDERED, well now's your chance and they'll love it.  For a dinner with a difference, a 'sure fire' hit that will leave you dying for more...


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