"PUTTING ON A SHOW - Unlike so many other companies, you never present me with a standard product but always listen to my ever-demanding requirements and produce a product to match this. It was even more apparent on this event. I know how much effort was put into the finished product and the feedback from all attendees has been excellent!"
Lloyds TSB

"The launch of Fighting Force in New York was the most dynamic and well co-ordinated presentation that we have yet experienced. Thanks to Brilliant's vivid imagination the trip was a resounding success."

"WOW FACTOR - Your consummate professionalism and flexibility in adapting to our constantly changing requirements was extremely impressive. Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. A highlight of our conference!"
Allied Dunbar



We have devised numerous launches, conferences and parties, working hand in hand with clients, combining our skills with theirs.

From the live incarnation in New York of the main characters in one of the biggest selling computer games to the theatrical training of a famous distiller's staff for the worldwide launch of their new restaurants and bars..... even taking key personnel hostage for the presentation of a major company's new logo.

We are truly an 'Ideas Factory' with an innovative 'on the pulse' approach to the most rigorous of briefs.
Want to make the idea work?.....Give it a BRILLIANT Dimension!



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